2 Digit Red Direction Board

SKU: 395-2DRDB

2 Digit Red Direction Board
2- Indicator Boards with bar-segmented numbers (one to show "Now Serving" and the other one the Station Number.)
1-Plug-in power supply 16 ½ feet
1-Plug-in Data cable 16 ½ feet
1-Plug-In Power extension cable 16 ½ feet

2-Keypads Plus Packs
•Keypad K900
•Plug-in power supply (16-1/2 ft)
•Plug-in power extender option set
•Plug-in data cable - 25m (82 ft)

1-D900 Ticket Dispenser
1- Counter Stand
1- "Please Take A Number" plastic sign and
6 rolls of tickets (4,000 tickets per

Window label not provided, only "Now Serving" labels are included with each board.