Our Take A Number Systems

Allow Customers to Enjoy an Efficient Service

Do you want to find a way to provide your customers with more personalized and efficient service? If so, our ticketing systems at Take a Number Inc. may be the perfect option! From starter packs to hardwired systems, we have an extensive range of quality and affordable items in our inventory.

Select your Take A Number System:

  • S3 Plug & Play Kits: The S3 Plug & Play kits come in both red and green digits with wireless remotes or hardwired buttons (easy set-up).
  • Hardwired Systems: We offer both two-digit and three-digit systems with either D80 or D900 dispenser (wiring/installation required)
  • M3 Start Packs: Our M3 Start Packs come with a keypad for select or sequentially call.
  • Direction Boards: Our Direction Boards come in both two and three digits.
  • Plug-in Plus Packs: Expand with plug-in Indicator and Keypad packs.

Our friendly representatives would gladly provide more information about any of our ticketing systems. For additional information or to place an order, please feel free to call us at 818 386-9563 or 818 386-9564 (800) 966-3255 or send us a fax at 818 386-9565.

If you'd like more information about any of the products seen in this site,
please email Martha Alvarez: malvarez@takeanumbersystems.com

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