Hand-Held Shopping Baskets

Your Shopper's EXPRESS Basket! GUARANTEED!*

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Stimulate impulse buying

Speed checkout

Save floor space

As customers shop through your store, they may be inclined to purchase additional items if shopping baskets are within easy access to specialty departments and store entrances. Baskets make shopping convenient and relieve the burden of carrying purchases in both hands.

Inexpensive, lightweight, and extremely strong, Esselte Meto's shopping baskets are both attractive and comfortable to use. Moreover, a set of 12 baskets with display stand and sign occupies less than two square feet of floor space-less than a single shopping cart.

*Our Hand-Held Shopping Baskets are made in the USA and we guarantee it from breakage for one year from date of purchase or we will replace or repair (should the handle break) your basket(s) at no charge. Each basket is stamped with the month and the year of manufacture. Obvious misuse voids guarantee.


  • Upscale European design.
  • Solid panel offers space for hot stamping store identification and advertising.
  • Strong, reliable and lightweight design carries over 50 lbs.
  • Wide, comfortable handles lock into place for tip-free carrying.
  • Chrome finished handles and smooth edges protect merchandise and clothing.
  • Open weave construction and rounded corners make cleaning a snap.
  • Flat bottom ensures goods firmly in place.


Construction: Reinforced open weave high grade plastic basket and two wire handles.
Weight: 1.4 pounds each; 23 pounds per carton (includes baskets, sign and stand)
Length: 17inches
Width: 12inches
Depth: 8 inches
Standard basket colors: red, blue, green and grey
Custom colors: available with a minimum order of 1,200 baskets.
Customized hot stamping: available in black, white and silver with a minimum order of 144 baskets.
Packaging: Master carton: 12 baskets of one color. Or, a set of 12 baskets (3 of each color) with standard display stand and sign (as pictured).

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