Tips for Upselling Your Customers

Upselling is the best way to maximize the return your business gets on every customer who walks through your door, without spending on customer acquisition costs. When your customers are in your queuing system in Sherman Oaks, CA, you have the ideal opportunity to upsell them and attract them with impulse buys. If you want to increase your upselling success, try these tactics.

Use Upsells That Are Relevant to Your Customers’ Purchases

The most successful upsells are the ones that give customers something else to buy that makes their initial purchase more enjoyable or effective. For instance, if your customer is buying a new remote control, suggest the batteries that they will need to make it work. If your customers are buying food, suggest a good side or drink to go with it. The more you can tie the upsell to the initial item, the more it will seem that it is only logical for your customer to add it to their purchase.

Make It Easy for Customers To Discover Upsells

When your customers are in your queuing system, you can count on having their attention in one place. Surround that area with things that are likely to go with what they are waiting to buy. If your customers have taken a number from your ticketing system to purchase something from your store’s deli, surround the area with breads, sandwich toppings, and other things that align with their purchase. As they wait, they are likely to discover items that match their needs. As a bonus, browsing these items will help customers pass the time while waiting for their turn, which is an important component of any queue management system.

Discount Your Upsell

Keep items that you use for upsells on discount so that they are even more appealing to purchase. It’s easier for customers to justify making a sudden purchase if the cost is less than the main item they are buying. As a general rule of thumb, keeping upsells around 50% of the price of the main purchase is ideal.