Creating a Waiting Area That Your Customers Will Love

Waiting areas have always been problematic for businesses focused on providing superior customer experiences. A long wait time is only part of the problem. Even when wait times are short, customers often perceive them as being long, which is why a queueing system, such as a take a number machine, is essential. If your business in Sherman Oaks, CA lacks a queueing system and other customer-friendly features, it’s time to revamp your waiting area.

Direction Board

Direction boards are a must for many businesses. Even if you already use a ticketing system for queue management, adding a direction board to the waiting area reassures your customers and clients that you understand their time is important and you’re doing your best to see them quickly. Customers who know their place in the queue and can clearly see how many people are ahead of them in the line are less likely to become frustrated with a longer wait time.

Color Psychology

Color psychology is an important tool, especially for businesses like dental clinics and doctor’s offices, as people in these waiting areas are more likely to experience anxiety. Perhaps the most effective color for inspiring calmness and serenity is blue. Blue is associated with the meditative qualities of a peaceful sky and a calm ocean. It conveys warmth and compassion. Blue can even inspire the sort of confidence that is non-threatening, unlike red, which is a more aggressive color. For many types of businesses, blue is a favorable color for decorating a waiting area. However, restaurants should steer clear of blue. Since blue isn’t naturally found in most foods, it’s considered an unappetizing color.

Comfortable Furniture

One of the most common complaints people have about waiting areas, aside from long lines, is the uncomfortable furniture. Hard-backed or thinly padded chairs are common, and these chairs are often placed so closely together that total strangers are forced into each other’s personal space. If your budget and space allow it, look for comfortably padded chairs with armrests, and space them out a bit. If you want to entice your customers to leave glowing reviews for you online, go the extra mile to add a few high-end massage chairs to your waiting area. Few people would mind waiting a couple of extra minutes if they can do it in a massage chair.