Tips for Successfully Managing a Support Queue

When your customers come to you for support, they are already experiencing a problem. That makes it even more important to address their concerns efficiently. For your Sherman Oaks business, developing a queuing system that lets you manage the needs of your customers who need support quickly and in a way that is understandable to them is essential. Here are some tips for tackling the demands of your support queue.

Decide How to Prioritize Support

Customers have different support needs, so the first thing to decide is whether you will address each need on a first-come, first-served basis or if you will prioritize support needs in a different way. There are pros and cons to each system, depending on the services you provide. If most of your support requests fall into a few categories that take around the same amount of time to manage, then you may simply want to serve customers in the order in which they arrive. If some of your support requests take much longer than others, you may want to prioritize the way you handle them.

You can prioritize support requests using your queue management system. Consider having different lines based on customer needs, or use alphanumeric ticketing to differentiate between needs so that you can prioritize them appropriately.

Make Your System Clear to Customers

For customers, the real frustration in waiting comes when they don’t know what to expect or how you are handling customer support. If they can clearly see that you have an organized queue management system, then their wait will be less stressful. For longer waits, consider providing estimated wait time and offering regular updates. As long as customers feel like they are not in danger of being skipped and that you are working diligently to work as efficiently as possible, they will understand their wait.

Empower Your Support Staff

No matter how carefully you manage your queue, your customers will experience frustrating wait times and dissatisfactory service if your support staff does not have the information—and the freedom—to address needs without constantly seeking clearance from management. Give your support team the tools they need to work efficiently and to make decisions with confidence, so they can provide the fastest possible service.
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