Creative Ways to Entertain Your Customers While They Wait

No business wants to keep its customers waiting, but there are times when it can’t be avoided. While your focus may be on the customers you’re currently speaking with, you can’t forget about the ones who are on hold. If you want to keep your customers from getting frustrated, there are some simple techniques you can employ to ensure that they continue to stay engaged while they’re waiting, from ticket systems to special discounts. Here are some strategies you can use:

Adopt a reward system

It’s one thing to encourage your customers to fill out a survey or answer questions while they’re waiting to see a representative—it’s quite another thing to offer them rewards for doing so. You might offer them a promo code for an exclusive discount after they fill out a brief survey, for example. Offering your customers discounts as a reward for their patience is a great way to ensure that the mood stays positive even when there’s a line.

Use a ticket system

Customers are less likely to feel irritated about waiting in line if they feel that they’re making some progress, and the best way to do that is to use a ticket system. When a customer has a ticket in hand, he or she can keep track of their place in line and anticipate the moment when their name will be called. It’s a subtle technique that can make the line seem to move faster.

Keep your customers distracted

Your goal should be to provide something for your customers to think about other than waiting. If they are on hold and waiting to speak with one of your representatives, you might use a funny video or sound recording to keep them entertained. On the phone, you can even give your customers the option to choose the type of waiting music that they want to listen to.
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